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App Story

“Moments” is a social platform for weddings, which will change the way you celebrate your special day. The mobile application is a convenient, eco-friendly and affordable way to share the most cherished moments of your life with others and make the occasion more exciting.

Dhrumil Shah, the Co-Founder of Moments, was born with a zeal for entrepreneurship. He has always been enthusiastic about his ideas and has a determination to turn these ideas into actions. Moreover, he has always believed in doing something different from the crowd. His long-term goal is to make it to the top, in the world of Start-ups.

Jay Sanghavi, the Co-Founder of Moments, belongs to a family where Entrepreneurship runs in the blood. Thus, he has a vision to make the start-up stand out of the rest and ultimately lead it to greater heights. He is a guy with a relaxed mind, and knows how to easily handle the toil that a start-up demands.

Path that led to Moments!!

Jay and Dhrumil have been friends since High School and have shared an enthusiasm to achieve big in life.

While they were attending their common friend’s wedding they noticed some shortcomings that generally exist in most of the weddings. Some of the NRI friends wanted to see the pictures/videos of the wedding, a few friends wanted to know the story of how the bride and groom met however; there was no convenient source to bridge this communication gap and connect the guests and family members in a better way. Apart from this, they observed that a lot of guests often forget their invitation cards at home finding it difficult to reach the destination.

As Jay and Dhrumil were very much aware of the upcoming digitalisation in the field of Big Fat Indian Weddings, they realised that technology can be used to eradicate these minute glitches.

Even though there were similar platforms available in the market, a one stop solution in form of a convenient mobile application to make weddings more happening was missing. They decided to seize this golden opportunity to bring a revolution in the competitive world of weddings.

And thus, a revolutionary and unique digital solution for the wedding industry was born - MOMENTS, Live. Share. Cherish.

Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.


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